Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline (EXTENDED):
    22 January 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    3 March 2016
  • Accommodation deadline:
    21 March 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    24 March 2016



P1. Fabrication and Characterisation of Magnetostrictive Amorphous FeGaSiB thin films
Qayes Aldulaim, University of Sheffield, UK

P2. Theory of spin-wave instability thresholds for ferromagnetic nanowires under parallel pumping
Zahra Haghshenasfard, Uwo, Canada

P3. Measuring element specific time-resolved magnetic phenomena
David Burn, Diamond Light Source, UK

P4. Magnetocaloric Effect (MCE) in Lanthanide Orthoborates LnBO3
Paromita Mukherjee, University of Cambridge, UK

P5. Doping Effect on Quantum Spin Liquid in Frustrated One-Dimensional LiCuSbO4
Hajime Shinohara, University of Cambridge, UK

P6. Micromagnetic simulations of the dependance of sintered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets performance on processing conditions
Ghaiath A. Fadhil, University of Sheffield, UK

P7. Inverted band structures in III-V semiconductor quantum wells for spintronic devices
Craig Knox, University of Leeds, UK

P8. Novel spin injection into graphene
Jack Warren, The University of Manchester, UK

P9. Weak antilocalization as evidence of the spin-orbit interaction in the trivial phase of topologically insulating InAs/GaSb Quantum Wells
Franz Herling, University of Leeds, UK

P10. Magnetic depth profile of CoFeTaB/Pt interfaces for spin-Hall magnetoresistance
Oto-obong Andrew Inyang, Durham University, UK

P11. Domain wall chirality conservation in ferromagnetic nanowires with triangular modulated edges
Jeovani Brandao, Durham University, UK

P12. Micromagnetic simulations of the dependance of sintered Nd-Fe-B permanent magnets performance on processing conditions
Ghaiath A. Fadhil, University of Sheffield, UK

P13. Towards Realization of Strong Coupling between the Magnon Mode of a Microscale Ferromagnet and a Microwave Resonator
Leonid Abdurakhimov, University of Cambridge, UK

P14. Magnetic circuits – how the complex permeability got its hump
Nicolas Hamilton, UK

P15. Beamline I21 - Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) at Diamond Light Source
Andrew Walters, Diamond Light Source, UK

P16. Characterisation of Grain Orientated Electrical Steels Under High DC Biased Conditions
Christopher Harrison, University of Cardiff, UK

P17. Zoom, a polarised small angle neutron scattering instrument in ISIS TS2
Diego Alba Venero, STFC/ISIS, UK

P18. Coupled magneto-elastic phase transition in MnCoGe alloy ribbons
Aris Quintana Nedelcos, Marmara University, Turkey

P19. A statistical spin torque model
Jennifer Talbot, University of Manchester, UK

P20. Polarised neutron reflectometry at ISIS
Nina-Juliane Steinke, ISIS, STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK

P21. Electropolishing of Aluminium in a Magnetic Field
Amir Sajad Esmaeily, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

P22. Effect of sink layer thickness on damping in CoMnGe (5 nm) / Ag (6 nm) / NiFe (x nm) spin valves
Rob Valkass, University of Exeter, UK

P23. The Effects of Multiple Anisotropy Axes on the Magneto-Electric Coupling in Multiferroic Composites
Steven Bourn, UCLAN, UK

P24. Microcalorimetry studies on the magnetocaloric Heusler alloy Ni2Mn1-xCuxGa0.8Al0.2
Luiz Silva, UFRJ, Brazil

P25. Spin reorientation transitions in the pseudobinaries Ho1-yGdyAl2
Luiz Silva, UFRJ, Brazil

P26. The role of heat-treatment on the microstructure and coercivity of Spark Plasma Sintered Sm2Co17
Alex Mackie, The University of Sheffield, UK

P27. First Principle Calculation of The Magnetic Properties of Mn-doped 6H-SiC
Maya Al-Azri, Ministry of Education, Oman

P28. Composition and ordering dependent antiferromagnetic properties of IrMn alloys
Sarah Jenkins, University of York, UK

P29. The role of damping constant at in ECC Media for Heat Assisted Magnetic Recording
Razvan Ababei, York University, UK

P30. Helicity-Dependent All-Optical Magnetic Switching via the Landau-Lifshitz-Bloch Equation
Chudong Xu, University of York, UK

P31. Multi-scale Modelling of Interfacial Stress in Magnetic Systems
Alexander Wynn, University of Sheffield, UK

P32. The Origin of MCD from defect states in Magnetic oxides
Fatma Gerriu, University of Sheffield, UK

P33. Analytical and numerical studies of exchange-dipole spin waves in magnonic waveguides
Fedor Mushenok, University of Exeter, UK

P34. Theory of Plane Spin Wave Emission from a Rectangular Anisotropy Defect
Natalie Whitehead, University of Exeter, UK

P35. Suppression of Stochastic Domain Wall Pinning Through Modified Gilbert Damping In Permalloy Nanowires.
Thomas Broomhall, University of Sheffield, UK

P36. Atomistic modelling of domain wall thicknesses in Nd2Fe14B
Samuel Westmoreland, University of York, UK

P37. The effect of vacancies on the magnetism and thermoelectric properties of hierarchical marcasite FeSe2
Guowei Li, University of Groningen, Netherlands

P38. Electrical control of thin Film Magnetoelectric Hexaferrites
James Beevers, University of York, UK

P39. X-Ray Detected Ferromagnetic Resonance (XFMR)
Alexander Baker, University of Oxford, UK

P40. Helical magnetic structure in Fe1-xCoxGe epilayers
Charles Spencer, University of Leeds, UK

P41. Electric-field Control of Magnetic Properties in Multiferroic Heterostructures
Weigang Yang, University of Sheffield, UK

P42. Strategies for enhancing the transition temperature of magnetically-doped topological insulator thin films
Adriana Isabel Figueroa-Garcia, Diamond Light Source, UK

P43. The phase diagram of monolayer chiral magnet skyrmion model
Yifan Zhou, University of York, UK

P44. Effect of annealing temperature on the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction (DMI) in Ta/CoFeB/MgO thin films
Risalat A. Khan, University of Leeds, UK

P45. Investigation of changing velocity asymmetry of chiral domain walls in Pt/Co/Ir/Ta multilayers
Kowsar Shahbazi, University of Leeds, UK

P46. Micromagnetic Simulations of Frustrated Arrays of Gadolinium Islands
Matthew McMullan, Queen's University Belfast, UK

P47. Grain size observations of FePt thin films for high density data storage
David Huskisson, University of Manchester, UK

P48. Electronic Structure Analysis of Magnetite Nanoparticles Using XMCD
Christopher Love, University of York, UK

P49. Asymmetry in anomalous Hall effect measurements of bilayer magnetic islands
Rhys Griffiths, University of Manchester, UK

P50. Spin ordering at the interface between diamagnetic Cu/amorphous Carbon
Shoug Alghamdi, University of Leeds, UK

P51. PLD growth of Zinc Oxide Films for Magnetic Materials
Ahmad Mohammad A Saeedi, University of Sheffield, UK

P52. Observation of Skyrmion bubbles in [Pt/Co/Ir] multilayer discs at room temperature
Katharina Zeissler, University of Leeds, UK

P53. Magneto-Optics Properties of Graphite and Graphene
Wala Dizayee, University of Sheffield, UK

P54. Preparation of Thin Iron Oxides Films By PLD
Aliaa M Zaki, University of Sheffield, UK

P55. Control over magnetisation states of nanostructures via injection of 360 degree domain walls
Jack Carter Gartside, Imperial College London, UK

P56. Electrical transport properties of micro fabricated FeRh films
Kenta Matsumoto, University of Tokyo, Japan

P57. Characterisation of magnetic-oncolytic viral complexes for targeted cancer therapy
Haider AL-Janabi, University of Sheffield, UK

P58. Spin-wave excitation by a resonant microwave-to-spin-wave transducer
Fedor Mushenok, University of Exeter, UK

P59. Fabrication & Analysis of FeRh/FePt Bilayers
Craig Barton, University of Manchester, UK

P60. The metamagnetic transition in NiAl-buffered FeRh films grown on GaAs
Jamie Massey, University of Leeds, UK

P61. Ballistic Rectification of Vortex Domain Wall Chirality at Nanowire Corners
T J Hayward, University of Sheffield, UK

P62. Reflectometry study of the surface and interface in FeOx/Pt bi-layers for use in spin Seebeck devices
Andrew Caruana, Loughborough University, UK

P63. Imaging defects in magnetic junctions using scanning electron microscopy
Edward Jackson, University of York, UK

P64. Electrical manipulation of magnetism at the ferromagnetic/molecular interface
Matthew Rogers, University of Leeds, UK

P65. Magnetic ordering in Cr doped Sb2Te3 thin films
Liam Duffy, Oxford University/ISIS, UK

P66. Kerr imaging of the metamagnetic transition in FeRh
Rowan Temple, University of Leeds, UK

P67. Two-photon lithography for 2D magnetic nanostructure fabrication
Ifan Williams, Cardiff University, UK

P68. Voltage induced electrochemical control of ferromagnetic properties of Ni80Fe20 thin films
Jonathan Wood, University of Sheffield, UK

P69. Controlling the emergent magnetism at metallo-molecular interfaces
Fatma Al Ma'Mari, University of Leeds, UK

P70. Sensitivity of VNA-FMR on NiFe thin films
August Johansson, University of Manchester, UK

P71. Time-resolved holography with extended reference by autocorrelation linear differential operator (HERALDO) imaging of nano-scale magnetic vortex dynamics
Nicholas Bukin, University of Exeter, UK

P72. A modified sol-gel synthesis of lanthanum strontium manganate magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia treatment
Solveig Felton, Queens University of Belfast, UK

P73. Multiscale atomistic simulations of the temperature dependent properties of Fe/MgO(001) ultrathin films
Andrea Meo, University of York, UK

P74. Magnetic and electrical properties of electro-deposited Nickel nanowires
René Dost, University of Sheffield, UK

P75. Coercivity Tuning of Fe3O4 thin films
Ruth Bradley, University of Sheffield, UK

P76. Competing Interactions, magnetization dynamics and switching processes in Doped Rare-earth Manganites nanostructural system
Wiqar Hussain Shah, International Islamic University, Pakistan

P77. Muon Relaxation Study on the Magnetism of CP*-Tm-COT Single-Ion Magnet
Zhengqiang Yang, Queen Mary University of London, UK

P78. Production of magnetic nanoparticle arrays on surfaces from solution using top-down patterning and bottom-up biotemplating for future nanodevices
Rosie Jarrald, University of Sheffield, UK

P79. Exciton dynamics in organic materials probed by muon spin relaxation
Jingliang Miao, Queen Mary University of London, UK

P80. Tailoring magnetism in complex oxide nanomagnets
Erik Folven, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

P81. Development of a CPP-GMR Heusler Alloy Junction
William Frost, University of York, UK

P82. Heusler Alloys Replacement for Iridium
Atsufumi Hirohata, University of York, UK

P83. Racetrack memory concept using exchange-bias pinning
Atsufumi Hirohata, University of York, UK

P84. Origin of synthetic antiferromagnetism at the Fe/Fe3O4 interface
Andrew Pratt, University of York, UK

P85. Unusual behaviour of GdMnO3 films on LSAT
Gillian Gehring, University of Sheffield, UK