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  • Abstract submission deadline (EXTENDED):
    22 January 2016
  • Early registration deadline:
    3 March 2016
  • Accommodation deadline:
    21 March 2016
  • Registration deadline:
    24 March 2016


 Monday 4 April


First Floor, Drawing room


Strain effects on magnetism

The Hadfield Hall
Welcome and Chair: Dan Allwood, University of Sheffield


Correlated Electrons I

The Old Banqueting Hall
Welcome: Gonzalo Vallejo Fernandez, University of York
Chair: Christy Kinane, STFC


IEEE Distinguished Lecture: Magnetics + mechanics + nanoscale = electromagnetics future
Greg Carman, University of California at Los Angeles, USA

  Using Hall probe imaging to study the first-order magnetic phase transitions in magnetocaloric La(Fe,Si)13 and Heusler alloys
Edmund Lovell, Imperial College London, UK

10:15   Coexistence of magnetic order and valence fluctuations in a novel Kondo lattice system Ce2Rh3Sn5
Monika Gamza, 
Jeremiah Horrocks Institute, University of Central Lancashire, UK

10:30 Manipulating domain walls with surface acoustic waves
T J Hayward - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, UK

  Field induced incommensurate magnetic structure in Holmium Tetraboride
Daniel Brunt, The University of Warwick, UK
10:45 Tuning domain wall creep velocity with piezoelectric strain: the effect of perpendicular magnetic anisotropy and the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction
Philippa Shepley, University of Leeds, UK

  Magnetocalorics for magnetic refrigeration – prospects
Lesley Cohen, Imperial College London
, UK
11:00 Manipulating the chirality of vortex domain walls with mechanical strain
Andrew Rushforth University of Nottingham, UK

  Tuning phase transitions and the magnetocaloric effect of La(Fe,Si)13 alloys
Precious Shamba
University of Sheffield
, UK

11:15 Refreshment break    
The Main Hall


Spin excitations and nano-oscillators

The Hadfield Hall
Chair: Bryan Hickey, University of Leeds


Induced magnetism & organic semiconductors

The Old Banqueting Hall
Chair: Tom Thomson, University of Manchester, UK


Super-harmonic injection locking of a nano-contact spin-torque vortex oscillator
Paul Keatley, 
University of Exeter, UK

  (Invited) Emergent magnetism at metallo-molecular interfaces
Oscar Cespedes, 
University of Leeds, UK
12:00 Dynamic processes in spin Hall nano-oscillators driven by AC and DC currents
Tim Spicer, University of Exeter
, UK

12:15 Interface coupling of spin waves in permalloy/Ru/permalloy multilayer nanowires: ferromagnetic resonance and theory
Michael Cottam, 
University of Western Ontario, Canada

  2D-ferrimagnetic ordering in a chessboard-like molecular layer on Au(111)
Jan Nowakowski, 
Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland
12:30 Switching single-atom spin excitations on and off
Benjamin Bryant, Radboud University
, Netherlands
  Temporal mapping of excitonic wavefunctions with carbon specificity
Alan Drew, Queen Mary, University of London
, UK

12:45 Magneto-optical coupling in whispering gallery mode resonators
James Haigh, 
Hitachi Cambridge Labs
, UK

  The magnetic field dependent crossover between hyperfine and spin-orbit interactions in organic semiconductors
Ke Wang, Queen Mary, University of London, UK


Exhibition and Lunch
The Main Hall


Thin films and nanomagnetism

The Hadfield Hall
Chair:  Tom Hayward, University of Sheffield


Computational I

The Old Banqueting Hall
Chair: Julie Staunton, University of Warwick

14:30 Controlled Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Slonczewski-like Torque in Epitaxial Trilayers of Pt/Co/Pt1-xAux
Kowsar Shahbazi, 
University of Leeds, UK

  (Invited) Multiscale modelling of bloch point dynamics in magnetic nanowires
Riccardo Hertel, University of Strasbourg, France
14:45 Tuning the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction via interface engineering in epitaxial Co/Pt
Adam Wells,
 University of Leeds, UK

15:00 Current-induced magnetization reversal in Pt/Co/Pt multilayers using spin-orbit torques
Richard Rowan-Robinson, 
Durham University, UK

  Control of magnetic vortex position in a patterned nanoscale ferromagnetic disc via applied magnetic field pulses
Angus Laurenson,
 University of Exeter, UK
15:15 Temperature dependence of magnetic dead layer thicknesses in ferromagnetic thin-films
Mustafa Tokac, 
Durham University, UK

  Monopole dynamics following thermal quenches in spin ice
Marianne Haroche, 
University of Cambridge, UK
15:30 The thermal and spin diffusion properties of Py/Ag/Py lateral spin valves
Georgios Stefanou, University of Leeds
, UK
  Multi-scale modelling of magnetisation reversal induced by spin transfer torque
Matthew Ellis, Trinity College Dublin
, Ireland

15:45 Influence of damping on magnetization reversal in edge modulated NiFe/Pt nanowires
Jeovani Brandao, 
Durham University, UK

  Complex spin configurations in hybrid magnetic multilayer structures due to mutual spin imprinting for multi-functional magneto-logic devices
Gino Hrkac, University of Exeter
, UK


Refreshment break  
The Main Hall

The Hadfield Hall
Chair: Rob Hicken, University of Exeter
(Plenary) From South-Pointing Chariot to Pure Spin Current, the Never-Ending Saga of Magnetism

Chia-Ling Chien,
Johns Hopkins University, USA  


Exhibition, poster session and bierstube
The Main Hall

19:30 Conference Dinner
The Cathedral